[ Statement #6: We live courageously.  We will not let fear, laziness, comfort, or boredom keep us from doing anything that God calls us to do as a church. A lack of courage shows a distorted understanding of God’s character. ]

1. I have the Spirit of the Living God alive inside of me.
2. I know the source of hope and peace and joy and freedom – and I have nothing to fear
3. O Lord, you are more beautiful than anything that I have ever seen
You call me your child, You’ve given me everything that I could need
I have you name! There’s power in your name,
I have your sacrifice, that makes whole what was broken
There’s nothing I can face that we can’t beat together

We are not those who shrink back into destruction
Destruction has no home in me

4. Love is your nature – you cannot not love and delight in every heart that you have made
5. This is not about me! It’s because you deeply love the others that I meet!

Holy Spirit – You’re in my every moment!

* Hear an acoustic worship arrangement of this song from Songs We Sang, We Sing, or We Might Sing Together Someday.