[ Salvage Yard Statement #4: We embrace the process. We recognize that people growing in their gifts, group discussions, and group decision-making all take longer but we see the value in people growing by doing and by witnessing decisions develop rather than simply being told final results. ]

This ain’t the only shot we’ve got so let’s make this one
Count for more than a kamikazee going down without a fight
You know we’re in this fight for life
This is the long haul, man, the true patience
For real growth, through struggle,
We never arrive
But we grow together when we spur on each other

And I will not be completely satisfied

With stopping short
With settling
When life only lasts for a little bit
So this is how we make the most of it ‘til the end

Tonight’s the night when we were young

And had so much left to
Learn and to know and a thousand ways to grow into the
Fullness of the measure of Christ, but we’re not there… but it
Doesn’t mean that we don’t do
You learn from me and I learn from you
Whether we live or die we do it together
And this takes the rest of our lives