[ Salvage Yard Statement #3: We are all the staff of the Salvage Yard.  Our church does not reflect one person or a specific group of people but we are all various members of one body, of which Christ is the head. ]

Did you see the darkness tremble when we stood hand in hand?
Your hand was in my hand
Did you see that when we lifted Jesus up, we really lifted each other up
Nothing can tear us down

Do you remember talk of the golden years?
Well, darling dear, those years are yet to come.
So put your hand back into mine cause onward, we’re pressing on!

This might just seem like all we’ve got.
Yeah, that’s right
But tonight, we’ve got far more than enough.

I can see people singing songs to glorify
And people using words to edify
I can see we’ve got a long road to endure
So let’s fix our eyes on the one who for the joy set before him…

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