Look, we’ve been labeled the slowest moving band in Minneapolis. At the time of writing, we’re averaging slightly less than one show per year for our twelve years of existence. We’re not going to ‘make it’ by any stretch of the traditional standards.

Yet we’re far from lacking purpose or intention. Music carries meaning and every person and every band has a story. This is our invitation for you to join us. We are all a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

ABOUT the eleven

A word about name dropping


As a group of people that love Jesus and want to redefine life and be redefined by knowing him, we as The Salvage Yard synthesized 11 statements of “Who We Are” as a group (you can read them here!). After mulling over them and reflecting on them for a good long while, Andrew decided to write a song for each. So, we set out to do just that and name each song/statement after a planet… with a little artistic and scientific freedom, given we needed 11 planets.