It’s hard for me to pinpoint exactly when it started.  It was about the time I first saw Come&Live’s Columbia documentary.  The passion and unshakable identity seen in Chad and the people that the documentary followed lit something inside of me.  I certainly had agreed with the ideas of God’s tremendous love and power, but I was finding out that I hadn’t believed they were real for me, for you, and for now.  I started to devour stories and instruction – continuing with Chad Johnson’s One Thousand Risks, and catapulted from there into Curry Blake’s Divine Healing Technician and multiple Power and Love sessions, all mixed together with an in depth study of the book of Acts – my world unwound in the best possible way.  The core of who I was and what I knew being renewed and rebuilt from the ground up, I found myself absolutely loved and valued by the immeasurable creator of the cosmos, included in His establishment of an overturned and altogether different reality, and hearing His desperate cry for each and every person to know him and how much he delights in them.  I also found myself writing.  Scores of books, documentaries, lectures, events, and new and exciting experiences of my own all swirling around in my head, I had to process this newfound identity and reality somehow.  This is how it came out.  So much more than just “lyrics” to me, these songs represent a new and exciting… everything – with endless possibilities and hopes and awesomeness.  Life with Jesus is so rad, guys!

About the Eleven

As a group of people that love Jesus and want to redefine life by knowing him (and be redefined ourselves), The Salvage Yard synthesized 11 statements of “Who We Are” as a group (you can read them here!). After mulling them over and reflecting on them for a good long while, Andrew decided to write a song for each, which also coincided with the upheaval mentioned above. So, we set out to do just that and name each song/statement after a planet… with a little artistic and scientific freedom, given we needed 11 planets. Instead of waiting for them all to be done, we’re releasing them in three parts and posting each individual lyric set as they become available.

So, you can think of these songs as ‘Singing Seminars’, or something like that…  Each is jam packed with purpose and annotated with comments and links for further study.  Imagine going to a conference or reading a book that provokes you to action – the intent is that each song might do the same, but is not limited to the three minutes of actual listening.  This isn’t just ‘art’ and it sure ain’t poetry – it’s (hopefully) a call to arms, a call to praise, and a call to grow into the fullness of who God created each of us to be.

That makes this website a landing site… or a launch pad, depending how you look at it.  Whenever something is written, recorded, released, printed, screened, filmed, etc., it will show up here.  We would absolutely love it if you tuned in and followed along.  So be encouraged – you are deeply loved and infinitely valuable, created for purpose and to grow into someone more complete than you ever knew you could be.

Let’s grow together. Start exploring here.

A Word About Name Dropping

The very fact that we’re passing on resources from which we have learned, been challenged, had to wrestle with, etc. means that we’re passing on specific names of authors, artists, and organizations. Inevitably, it seems, that at the mention of certain people or groups, some folks draw a line in the sand as being with or against them, of their beliefs being right or wrong, or of the information being presented as valuable or able to be written off.

The goal of this project is not division. It’s the opposite – that people would grow in their understanding of Jesus and their relationship to him. I can’t say that I agree with everything that everyone of our resources has presented… but I have certainly grown more because they said something. If you see names of people or groups that you disagree with or for some reason have left a bad taste in your mouth, my challenge to you is that you take what builds you up and forget the rest. Don’t get hung up on what divides. Be humble enough to know that none of us have all the answers and assume the best intentions of everyone. A good place to start understanding how we’re all being transformed and how to have grace for one another is this talk from Dan Mohler.

See a list of referenced sources here.


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